Apartment Decor -Halloween Edition

Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you can’t get into the Halloween spirit. Here are some cheap decor ideas from my place to yours.


Cheap Ways to Update your Vanity.

First let me show you the mess of before – With my original setup I was not able to keep things organized. I did not have alot of storage for my everyday makeup, so I decided to invest in those plastic drawers.I found a decently priced chest of drawers at ROSS for $14. I then


DIY Fall Garland for $5.00

Hello All, I know it’s only August, but it never to early to start getting your Halloween/Fall decor together. So let’s get it started.. Materials 4 Leaf Bouquets from Dollar Tree $1.00 each 1 Roll of Stem Wrap Tape – $2.95 Scissors – You should already have these. Once you have that, separate the leaves