My experience with the Fitbit Alta

My experience with the Fitbit Alta

Personally I didn’t want to buy the Fitbit for myself, so I put it on my Christmas wishlist. I wasn’t sure if I would exactly use it so I didn’t want to waste my own money. It could have easily ended up mostly being a watch that reminded me how little I was walking as a side job.

I got it right before my trip to Vancouver, which involved a lot of walking. See travel photo below for an idea of the good times. Vancouver is a great intro to the Fitbit because it involves a bunch of walking so you can test things out – even in the winter.

Vancouver Capilano Bridge and Me

Let jump into my review –

The Fitbit makes me feel accountable for my daily step count. I will admit I am a bit sad when I don’t get the wrist party for the day because I haven’t hit my step goal. During my day, I will pick the stairs instead of the elevator to make sure I hit the goal. It really acts as a constant reminder to get up and walk.

Another cool part is the sleep tracker. It alerts you when it’s time to go to sleep and wake up. Also, I like to see how restless I am each night. Results show I move around alot unless I’ve been drinking. (See below) I’m restless only 4 times instead of the normal 14 times.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker Screenshot

Now the con-

It doesn’t detect weight training since it doesn’t have constant movement. It is not the biggest deal, but it is a little disappointing.

Overall, I highly recommend the Fitbit to those that need some motivation with thier fitness goals. Worst case is you use it as a watch.

What are you using to track your fitness goals?

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