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How to organize DVDs

Hello All!

I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with my DVDs and video games. With 2017 just starting, I’m looking for ways to organize my life BETTER. There are alot of good idea out there, but these are the top 5 I found on Pinterest:


How to organize DVDs 2

This one is for sale on Esty here.

Pros: There are so many styles of the organizers available on Etsy. Also, these don’t hide your DVDS away so you don’t forget you have them.

Cons: These are a little pricey to me.


How to organize DVDs 3

Available on Amazon here.

Pros: These will keep the DVDs organized and upright. I love that they are clear and you can see the dvds.

Cons: These only fit 14 DVDs, so they may get a bit pricey.


How to organize DVDs 4

Linked here.

Pros: It is very compact and allow me to fit more disc in my entertainment space.

Cons: I lose the cases. I am not keen on the loss of the boxes for my games or dvds.


How to organize DVDs 5

Linked here.

Pros: I would be saving a brunch of space.

Cons: Seems like this would be a good idea for someone with hundreds of DVDs and I don’t have that many.


How to organize DVDs 6

Linked here.

Pros: I get to keep my DVD covers in a very compact organization system.

Cons: None.
Let me know how you will be getting organized this year.

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